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About me


I was born in 1981, in Belarusian Bobruisk. At school I enjoyed studying language, literature and French, which motivated me to later study at the Linguistic University in the capital Minsk towards a teaching degree, which included German.

In 2004 I was excited about an opportunity to go to Germany as an au pair to improve my German among native speakers. Here I also met my boyfriend. He passed on his outstanding knowledge of language, culture, tradition and ways of thinking in Germany. Through him I slowly but steadily developed a love for the country in which I was living and for the German language.

In 2007 I started studying at the University of Cologne towards a degree in special needs education with a focus on learning and language, including German and French. With my love for working with children and enthusiasm for the German language, it would have been the perfect job for me.

At this point, however, a number of extraordinary things happened that would change my life. After failed attempts at contacting various scientists, including astrophysicists, I had no other choice but to write about these things, to leave a message for posterity.

That’s how my first book came about.

… and then he vanished in the fog …


… and then he vanished in the fog …

What convinced me to write a sequel?

When I wrote the book … and then he vanished in the fog … in 2015, I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested in the topic. I was pleasantly surprised when I received many letters from readers who had experienced similar things and extraordinary phenomena, but who – for various reasons – didn’t want to talk about it publicly and would prefer to remain anonymous. I can completely understand this and also respect it: I will treat their letters confidentially and not pass them on to anyone.

And because of the many letters, I’ve decided to write the sequel,They said....



They said