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Book - They said

They said ...

item number: 28-0561665EN


After her successful literary debut, … and then he vanished in the fog … , KatrinProensa continues the story with her second instalment.

Katrin suspects that her boyfriend is protected. But by whom or what? And why is he, of all people, the one to be watched over by something powerful?

He also finds these occurrences strange, but they’ve been happening to him since his childhood. So he’s almost used to it – to not being alone. Then he gets to see into a peculiar and completely unfamiliar world. And he returnswith a message.

Another unbelievable true story


Hardcover:  218 pages
Publisher: Proensa, Katrin  (2018)
Language: english
ISBN: 978-3-9819005-1-4
Translated by: Ingrid Lezar, Berlin


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